UCC Coffee: Grand Cafe


The aim of this project was to creatively re-launch Grand Café coffee to improve engagement with current and new customers. It uses a range of hand illustrated icons to distinguish a range of unique coffee blends. UCC Coffee is not just another coffee brand. It is changing the way we think about sustainable coffee and communicates the importance of the farmers behind the coffee.

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Snapchat Filter: Cardiff

snapchat-behance-01 copy

Early last year I created a summer themed filter for the app Snapchat. It includes ice lollies, a watermelon and a banner reading Cardiff. This later went live and has been used thousands of times by the local community and visitors within the Cardiff area. At the time, Cardiff did not have a location based geofilter, putting it off the map when visitors sent snapchats to their friends when visiting Cardiff. Now there are a small selection of Geofilters.

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Cynnal Cymru: Sustainabox Concept


The first project of my third year was Real World, this five-week project was done in small groups of four. Our concept was called Sustainabox, a welcome package to students moving into their first shared household. The Sustainabox consisted of easy-peal stickers, information cards & heat-sensitive magnets to remind the students about their energy consumption. Our goal was to reduce the energy usage in Wales and also save the students money on their bills.

As a result of pitching our concept to 25 clients and outside visitors such as the Student Union, our creative team were awarded the Sustainability Design Award and have been given tickets to the Cynnal Cymru Award Ceremony, November 2015 in the Millennium Centre.

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