Cynnal Cymru: Sustainabox Concept


The first project of my third year was Real World, this five-week project was done in small groups of four. Our concept was called Sustainabox, a welcome package to students moving into their first shared household. The Sustainabox consisted of easy-peal stickers, information cards & heat-sensitive magnets to remind the students about their energy consumption. Our goal was to reduce the energy usage in Wales and also save the students money on their bills.

As a result of pitching our concept to 25 clients and outside visitors such as the Student Union, our creative team were awarded the Sustainability Design Award and have been given tickets to the Cynnal Cymru Award Ceremony, November 2015 in the Millennium Centre.

As a collective we collaborated on the initial idea generation for our client Rhodri Thomas for Cynnal Cymru – Sustain Wales, on the focus of Climate Change. Our creative team worked hard to  create a brand identity which would be easily recognised by students and took a light-humoured approach to the method of communication on each of the chosen touch points.


Our Sustainabox project was not just a static display, it enabled the users to engage with our mobile and web app. I was responsible for the layout and functionality of the app which allowed the students to enter their meter readings in to compare household energy consumption to other students in their local area. This community of sustainable students would receive incentives for saving energy such as free cinema tickets and shopping vouchers at the end of each month depending on their consumption in the local area.


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