Hunter Company Branding

The company's home page

The company’s home page

Over the past week I have redesigned one of my earlier projects. It is a rebrand of an organisation called Hunter Company which aims to rehabilitate service animals who have been injured or suffer from traumatic stress as a result of their job.

Letterhead and Business Cards

Letterhead and Business Cards

Hunter Company has had a business card and letterhead template created to further extend its brand identity. This is extremely important when referring to a potential client as it suggests care and quality has gone into the company which in turn reflects on the company’s brand value of determination. The business card has a military styled stamp with the red cross and brand icon embedded, it also features the company’s name. On the reverse there are essential contact information such as a website, email and phone number. The letterhead again contains all the basic contact information and has a formal yet playful collage of symbolic icons which represent the company. This is continuous throughout the brand identity.

Hunter Uniform

Hunter Uniform

The company needed a uniform to reinforce that they are a collaborative unit. Hunter Company follows its 2 toned colour theme and uses polo shirts with their range of badge icons on to suggest each member has their own role within the comapany. The uniform also has a cap to accompany the polo shirt. The colour used is sutible for this area of practise as staff can be hands-on in helping their pet clients without making their uniform dirty. This extends the functionality of the uniform to be smart and allows the staff to engage in activities without worry. Each staff member will have their own Hunter identification card. This must be kept on them at all times and provides access to private rooms via the magnatised card. Each card has its own identity ID number and a passport styled photo for security purposes.

Pet Bedding

Pet Bedding

Hunter Company also deals with pet bedding, promising to provide warmth and comfort for recovering animals. The bedding has the company’s brand identity pattern printed onto the inner material. There will be a range of sizes and outer colours avalible from the e-shop found on the company’s website and in the shop within the company building where their clients will also be able to choose from a selection of avaliable products. The use of materialistic products will help fund the company’s research into new methods of animal recovery and physotheripy. It will also help with the upkeep of the building. Clients who buy these products will also further promote the company through their quality products.

Possible Merchandise

Possible Merchandise

As part of the company promotion I have created eco bags which can be bought from the company shop. There are two unique designs, one features a red cross and the other is a stamp. They are both made from a collection of the company symbols to add repetition to the company values. The bag also includes the company name, website & location information above and below the imagery. This type of item will benefit the company as it will branch into society and our normal day-to-day lives. The clever use of symbols to create imagery will help draw attention to the fine details of the companies purpose. Other merchandise such as pens, calanders and small stuffed toys would be perfect for this company. Hunter wants to create a community of supporters to the cause, buying these products not only shows support but helps to fund the companys materials and staff. The merchandise will be present on social media and the company’s online store. Being socially connected will again bring an awareness to the cause and allow others from outside the local area to get involved. There will be a wide selection available where the buyer can personalise the items with the company symbols to match their taste.

Hunter Vehicle

The company van which will be used to pick up supplies and animal clients from their owners must be recognisable. To do this I have chosen a white van as a continuation to the smart yet playful brand tone. On the side panel there is a symbol of a dog that has been bandaged up with its tail in motion to suggest it is happy. Below this is the company name and a collage of all the brand icons nearer the bottom. On the door panel there is more information on what type of company this van belongs to which reads ‘Rehabilitation’ with the company website below. On the front there is again the use of the company name and one of company flexibility and play in its overall appearance which can adapt to events throughout the year. Bringing colour into the brand identity will further allow this company to express its creativity and playfulness whilst keeping its respectable appearance.  


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