ShelterCard Concept

ShelterCard variations

ShelterCard variations

The concept of the ShelterCard creates a safer alternative to cash. The ShelterCard is provided by Shelter through donations received in participating cafes & restaurants and through online donations. These cards are pre-loaded with meals that can be redeemed in selected locations by the homeless.

For my project Persuasion I was asked to choose a topic or issue to reseach. From this I had to identify an organisation which tries to tackle this issue. My chosen issue was Homelessness and my selected company was Shelter. After Contacting them I was able to formulate a brief which was led by them to identify an area of communication design. I wanted to highlight the issue of homelessness within Cardiff for this project. The minority are ignored on a daily basis within the streets of Cardiff which may lead to mental health problems and later alcohol and drug abuse.

A variation of the ShelterCard

A variation of the ShelterCard

Introducing ShelterCard, a modern way to donate. ShelterCard is a unique card which can be fundraised through donations in participating retailers, online, and by phone. The cards are kept at Shelter locations and given to the local registered homeless. The card is then linked to that specific person similarly to a bank card. Once the local area has signed up to the ShelterCard, daily meals are preloaded onto each card to be redeemed at participating cafes and shops at designated times during the day. This is again funded through the donations received nationally, which is then divided between each local area which is participating in the ShelterCard.

ShelterCard in context

ShelterCard in context

Theoretically this will give everyone a fair share of the donations opposed to those who claim popular areas which are crowded. The ShelterCard will never share the personal information of a card holder to the retailers. Each card will have its own security pin to be used upon purchase. Once the meals are redeemed the card becomes inactive until the following top-up. Places where donations are accepted will be in local coffee shops such as Starbucks and Costa, cafes, and large retailers such as Tesco. There will be an optional donation added to the customers bill upon payment. Much like the 5p fee for bags in Wales or the iconic ‘tip bowl’ This donation will prove beneficial and support itself. No longer will Shelter need to host food halls which saves money and focuses on helping the minority while giving them control over what they eat and at what time they find suitable.

Closed packaging

Open packaging


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