Paper Trail Cards

Interactive Christmas Cards

Interactive Christmas Cards

In October 2014 I was part of a start-up business called Paper Trail. our grief was to create a start up business as a creative collective with £100 seed fund provided by the university, within 5 weeks our team was able to design, brand and manufacture our products as well as sell them during a sales event. I had the responsibilities of finance manager and designer. Our business’s aim was to create a selection of cards which had the traditional values of a hand-made gift. Paper Trail’s cards were screen-printed and a limited quantity of 100 were produced and sold during the Christmas market which was held in a Cardiff university. These cards had the option to be coloured in and cut out to produce a christmas tree or mantle piece ornament. Each card was packaged with a white envelope, a gift tag, a box of 4 coloured crayons and sealed in a clear cello bag. The packaging reinforced the quality of our product. An intense 5 week project like this tests your entrepreneurial, organisational and creative skills. It allows you to see how the skills from your discipline are of value to a team and how they can in turn be transferred onto a real business venture.


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